Working toward liberty is a full-time job…

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Hey, everyone!

Here we are approaching the last quarter of 2017.  There have been so many ups and downs so far this year, but I have already seen the Fall season start to bear the fruits of my labor.

I’ve been waking up at the actual crack of dawn, full of energy, and working all day communicating with various team members at Crypto Media Hub, my Marketing, PR and Events company.  I continue to host The Tatiana Show weekly and to perform at various events regularly.

I may be most excited about helping to develop the TokenFM blockchain platform for artists, which is SO close to launch, but still a but away…

As always, I’m so grateful to be in your lives and for your support.

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When Musical Artists and the Blockchain Converge (NASDAQ)

“…Singer-songwriter Tatiana Moroz took a significant step in the music industry’s adoption of blockchain technology when she announced the official beta launch of the first-ever cryptocurrency for artists. Known as the TatianaCoin, Moroz endeavors to fuel a more expansive connection between musicians and fans through the use of advanced blockchain technology….” Continue Reading



The Tatiana Show

Check out the September 13th episode featuring Erik Voorhees from ShapeShift and Kat Murti from Feminists for Liberty.  Kat discusses anti-sexism and anti-statism and Erik has an announcement you won’t want to miss!



“Keep The Faith”
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I’m still filled with emotion when I look at my album cover, drawn by Ross Ulbricht.  I look forward to seeing his brave mother, Lyn, at the Nexus Conference in Aspen next week.



Tatiana’s upcoming events


The Nexus Conference, Aspen 2017
2nd Annual RightsTech Summit

FinTechStage @BAI BEACON17
2nd Annual Contra Cruise


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This content is also available in your email inbox with the Tatiana Moroz Newsletter! Click here to sign up!