Won’t Let Me Down

I am cold and I am silent

And I‘m hoping for a chance to vent

But I am broken, can‘t say too much

Disengaged and numb, I feel out of touch

I find myself needing release

Behind the drapes I have no peace

But I look forward and try to focus

Not to keep my mind on hocus pocus

Don’t let me down tonight

Too much pain is caused with every fight

Just let me hang my head down low

Sometimes my heart beats steady but a little bit slow

And I’ll tell you one thing, that I won’t let me down tonight

If I‘m distant and can‘t explain myself

I guess I‘ve been beat down

Some things just can‘t be felt

And still I breathe in, and keep moving forward

I won‘t hit the ground

When I am lowered

I find the strength within myself

To put up with the pity and the weight of this hell

And I am stronger than you’ve been believing

I just turn out the lights to hide my grieving


Who are you to judge me?

You ain’t walked a mile in my shoes

Who are you to tell me?

Who I should be and what I should do?