My Tribute Song to Ross Ulbricht

Hey everyone,


As you know, I have been talking about Ross Ulbricht and his arrest for allegedly being connected to the online marketplace “The Silk Road”.  I even spoke with his mother back in October, and it’s been on my mind of course.   His trial in New York started last week and I wanted to share with you a song from my upcoming 3rd album that sums up how I feel.  I hope this approach humanizes this situation for people, so they see the true results of the drug war.


It’s important that we help Ross’ family it whatever way we can. The Ulbricht family is raising money for Ross’ legal defense. If you can give please go to and donate what you can.


Love, Tatiana


P.S. the lyrics to “The Silk Road”


There was a man who did the unspoken
He looked for freedom from the violence
No one is perfect, when there’s new ground broken
A mess is made, and someone gets blamed


He had a dream of harmony
As you wish to live out your own
We cannot stand for this
Cannot have you fall
Along the silk road


This ain’t the movies, there’s a war in the streets
The innocent are in jail
We pray for justice and we wanna be free
And hope the truth will prevail




We still have hope
We cannot quit
Don’t be afraid


We have a voice
And this is it
Let the light show the way



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