TatianaCoin Featured in International Business Times

International Business Times recently came out with an article about blockchain being utilized within the music industry. With all the middle men in the industry, it can be tough for an indie artist to get paid or raise money to record an album. Blockchain is starting to take over the music industry to add payment transparency and eliminate this dilemma. New platforms are being released and I’m excited to see the effect they have on the industry!

TatianaCoin was featured in this article and mentioned as a way I was able to fundraise for my album, Keep the Faith. Also mentioned are the hurdles of having the first ever artist coin such as educating consumers and the fine line between artist coins being crypto vs. securities. Read up on the details here: http://www.ibtimes.com/buying-drake-kanye-west-songs-cryptocurrency-lets-artists-control-royalties-2640401