As an independent artist, I want to stay truly connected to my fans and give them an opportunity to support my music.

That’s why, in 2014 I created Tatiana Coin, the first musical artist coin and the alpha for the concept of artist coins. I always knew I wanted to do music, ever since I was little. I also realized early on the power it had to impact society and change the course of history ala the singer-songwriters of the 60s and 70s. I went on to attend Berklee College of Music, and upon graduation, moved to New York. I immediately started working in the top recording studios, working on my own music, and becoming more involved in activism as well. When I found out about bitcoin, everything came together for me — it was a way to let people support the true, authentic work I wanted to make, and take a principled stand for a new form of currency.

Bitcoin was something that could help equalize the playing field worldwide. It was strengthened by its peer to peer network. That meant no centralized point of failure, which means no boss screwing it up or rigging the game. This was a currency that had to play by the rules, and wasn’t manipulated by a central bank. It’s network is a public ledger that could store all kinds of information, such as property rights, digital rights, smart contracts, payments, and more. This allowed for greater speed and transparency. It provided virtually free access to this global currency to anyone who had a cell phone or an internet connection, even in the most remote parts of the world!

Tatiana Coin is a unique digital currency based on top of Bitcoin.

Think of an artist coin as digital gift certificates or a type of token that you can hold in a digital wallet. These coins can be redeemed for backstage access, music, merchandise, held onto for future rewards, and they can even be traded or sold with other music fans. They allow an artist to gather support from their community through long-term fundraising. The coins allow fans to become more connected and build strong relationships with their favorite artists over the course of their careers. It breaks down the more corporate wallsand creates a pathway for direct communication and engagement between creators and supporters. This is something that has appealed to me from day one.

Working with Adam Levine (host of the Let’s Talk Bitcoin podcast), we launched the initial Tatiana Coin. It’s been a wild ride, as we are creating something entirely new and doing it in a constantly shifting environment. Yet despite everything, I was able to fund my third album and continue to sell coins to help pay for marketing and touring expenses once it launches. Our hope is to allow other artists to create their own coins and make the same deep connections with fans that I have.


By funding my music with Tatiana Coin, you are joining a new movement that allows passionate fans to directly support artists in a unique, fun, impactful, and engaging way. You are helping me create music that spreads the message of freedom, liberty, voluntary interaction, equal access, and love through technology, education, and the innovative use of the blockchain. 

For as long as I can remember, it has been my goal to sing for the soul of humanity. My songs encourage discussion about what the future holds for us, and how cryptocurrency can help the disenfranchised all over the world. 

My focus is on liberating people through entrepreneurship, charity by enabling your fellow man, and taking the control of currency away from the war machine. Thanks to cryptocurrency, people in third world countries no longer have to ask permission to support themselves and store their wealth. Anyone will be able to start a business! People no longer have to spend 5-30% of their money on transaction fees sending money to their families overseas. If a country is printing money out of thin air, we are no longer have to bind our financial future to the whims of the banking overlords. People can store their wealth to ensure the safety of their families.

Artist Coins will mark the start of a decentralized music revolution!

Imagine artists being able to organically grow and directly reach their fan base without the influence of third party vendors that may not have the artists’ best interests in mind. The possibility for smart property creation, the streamlining of legal services, decentralized autonomous corporations, and more are now a reality of today. Now anyone will be able support businesses and causes they believe in. What other ways can we free mankind via the blockchain?

We are at the beginning of a new era. We can shape what that will look like right now!



Getting into Bitcoin can be a little tricky.  Here are some items that have made it easier for me to understand this revolutionary technology!  I also will be including some stuff on the way money works under the current system, which is sort of why I got interested in Bitcoin in the first place.

I have been doing casual and fun podcasts and videos for the average person (no tech skills required to follow along) which I have aggregated on my YouTube and SoundCloud.

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