Tatiana Interviewed By Porcfest (June 14, 2012)

Tatiana was recently interviewed by Porcefect Online about her upcoming show. Check out a preview of the article below.

1. This is your first year playing at Porcfest. What can people look
forward to as far as your performance?

I will be playing a lot of music from my new album “Love and Liberty”,
which features a lot of music that reflects my hopes for us as a
nation and for the world. I am obviously a Dylan fan, so there will
be a few covers from him including “Masters Of War” which I did as a
request for the veterans at CVRP2012.com I play alone most of the
time, so I think that creates an intimacy with the audience. I love
performing for a liberty crowd; they are so enthusiastic and the
energy is palpable.

2. Who are some of the authors and figures that have influenced your
ideas of liberty?

I am obviously a Ron Paul fan, and have been reading some Tom Woods
and Basiat, but unfortunately, find very little time to read lately!
A lot of my friends have been a great influence though, especially
some of my veteran friends. I think the best time to learn is when
you can sit down and have a conversation, watch some documentaries,
and connect with others. I have a lot of very good friends in the
movement, and keeping in touch while sharing information is so easy
these days with the internet. I love how informed everyone is, and
how you can look things up with a few keystrokes.

3. How important is music and art in sharing ideas? Do you have
people asking you to explain your liberty philosophies after your

Personally I think music is one of the strongest forces in the world.
I think it is incumbent upon every artist to use their voice and
talent for good and to promote what they think is right. The 60′s
have always been a source of inspiration for me, as well as a template
for how change is possible. After my shows, I am usually a little out
of it! There is a high that you get from performing, so even though
people may ask me a bit more about my libertarian views, I find myself
just exhaling and trying to decompress. I want to relax a bit,
because throughout the day there is a lot of pressure that I put on
myself to give a good performance. It’s hard to connect with people
in a way (besides when I am on stage) because I am focused on my
music. However, I do love talking with folks, just don’t expect too
much in the way of a serious discussion after a show!

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Tatiana will be performing at Porcfest on Thursday June 21st at 5:30 at The Shire Society Pavilion.