“The Tatiana Coin” How Bitcoin Meets Crowdfunding

The term Bitcoin 2.0 is starting to catch on in the world of crypto currency.  As the name would indicate, 2.0 means that Bitcoin is undergoing somewhat of a revolution.  Starting today, a new kind of involvement with Bitcoin will be released to the general public, thanks to the artistic styling and activist entrepreneurship of Tatiana Moroz.

Tatiana Moroz is a singer, songwriter, who is paving the way for the “Artist Coin.” Her own “Artist Coin” is called the “Tatiana Coin,” and it is the first ever artist crypto currency.  The Tatiana Coin is ushering in a new way of funding artists, through a Bitcoin-driven platform, which involves fans in a long-term relationship with the artist they choose to support.

Tatiana chose to use the model of the “Artist Coin” due to the fact that she says it offers “unique ways for people to become part of the creative process where as the fan base grows, the more valuable the tokens become.” She further explained that, “this program incentivizes stronger relationships with fans where fans gain access to behind the scenes parties, sponsorship opportunities, early releases and more.”

From June 3rd to July 1st, 2014, a campaign will be launched to promote Tatiana’s third studio album. The amount of money raised will determine which “tier of success” she is able to reach in her journey to fund everything from breaking even on her third album, to creating the first ever crypto music label.

The Tatiana Coin is powered by CoinPowers.com, which is a new Crypto-Property Crowdsale platform running on the Counter Party protocol, an innovative, distributed technology that enables anyone to issue their own smart property or currency.

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