PorcFest XVIII

PorcFest is a multi-day celebration of liberty at Roger’s Campground in Northern New Hampshire. In the past, more than 1,500 people have attended this celebration, and in 2020, about 1,000 awesome freedom fighters gathered. Can we make it 2,000 this year?!? Yes! Yes, we can, but it is up to YOU! Come! Bring your whole family! Bring a friend! Or two!

15th Annual Porcupine Freedom Festival

Hope to see you at the 15th Annual Porcupine Freedom Festival this year at Rogers Campground in Lancaster, NH! It is an exciting multi-day camping event organized by Free State Project taking place on June 19-24 and it is very family friendly, so bring the kids! There will be campfires, panel discussions, presentations, movies, music, food, parties, &…