PorcFest XVIII

PorcFest is a multi-day celebration of liberty at Roger’s Campground in Northern New Hampshire. In the past, more than 1,500 people have attended this celebration, and in 2020, about 1,000 awesome freedom fighters gathered. Can we make it 2,000 this year?!? Yes! Yes, we can, but it is up to YOU! Come! Bring your whole family! Bring a friend! Or two!

PorcFest 2020

The Porcupine Freedom Festival is an annual liberty camping event organized by Free State Project. This year marks the 17th PorcFest. Join the festivities in Northern New Hampshire at Roger’s Campground for the most exciting liberty event of the year! See you there!

15th Annual Porcupine Freedom Festival

Hope to see you at the 15th Annual Porcupine Freedom Festival this year at Rogers Campground in Lancaster, NH! It is an exciting multi-day camping event organized by Free State Project taking place on June 19-24 and it is very family friendly, so bring the kids! There will be campfires, panel discussions, presentations, movies, music, food, parties, &…

#art4ross is born at Porcfest

I was in Lancaster, NH for Porcfest this year, one of the largest freedom gatherings in the world.  It’s on a campground in the White Mountains where there’s barely cell service, most people are anarchists, and it’s very tolerant and peaceful.  If you like beards, you will love Porcfest.  I was traveling with Lyn Ulbricht,…

Tatiana Interviewed By Porcfest (June 14, 2012)

Tatiana was recently interviewed by Porcefect Online about her upcoming show. Check out a preview of the article below. 1. This is your first year playing at Porcfest. What can people look forward to as far as your performance? I will be playing a lot of music from my new album “Love and Liberty”, which…