The Elusive Bitcoin Billionaire by Brian Dougherty

I was super excited when Brian Dougherty wanted to talk to me about how my Bitcoin adoption originated from my libertarian values.  A huge fan of Reason for years, I was happy to do the interview.  In the piece, In Search of the Elusive Bitcoin Billionaire, I do have a spot though I wish we… Read more »

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Anarchast Ep. 183 Tatiana Moroz: Liberty in Music!

Hey guys!  I went down to the beach yesterday and did an episode of Anarchast with Jeff Berwick who is hosting the first ever Anarchapulco event in Acapulco Mexico Feb 24-March 1.  If you want to join me, Angel Clark, Roger Ver, Cody Wilson, Luke Rudkowski and more, use the coupon code “tatianacoin” to save… Read more »

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