I once knew a girl named Rita
She didn’t mean to steal your man
She’s a friend you can go out with,
Better off without it
‘Cause she’s all bad

She will look you in the eyes and smile
But she is hiding devil styles
To cut you all down

As she lets her legs and lips unfold
She won’t let lies remain untold
She’ll sell your ass out

She’s a killer
She’ll tear your heart on out
And then declare herself the winner

All the guys they want to fuck her
Be a lucky number
In her bag

But 10 years down her ass is growin’
Her titties showin’, an old hag

Yeah she’ll be up and lit in city lights
In glitter tanks and neon tights
A cup full of change

Wandering eyes replaced with wandering hands
A place to sleep for a one night stand
A girl who’s worn out….

What a sinner
You’ve got to bless her soul
And serve that rumored flesh for dinner
This tale I tell is of a wash out
You better watch out
For her scheme

‘Cause pity can be used against you
An apt defense to those bad
Bad deeds