Out in the Wind

Whatever happened to a love that was true,

Where you didn’t wanna fuck my friends?

I wanted the real thing, you said all the right things,

But somehow we’ve come to an end


It wasn’t the fast track, it wasn’t the last batch

Of shit to go wrong that did us in


It was the way that you told me

That you’d always hold me

But you left me out in the wind


Whatever happened to the word of a man?

I thought that I could count on you

I guess I’m old-fashioned for the things that I’m asking

But I didn’t break a promise to you


So now I act crazy, you’re playing me, baby,

You’re right I ain’t no good at this game


And I’ve been standing out in the cold

And I want to feel the fire now

Take some time for myself

Just under a thousand miles


You said that this wouldn’t happen,

You made me imagine

What a life together would have been


I’ll pick up the pieces

After all our releases

of Love

When it breaks on the ground

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