Let It Go

So many things are happenin' Outside of our control The planets fade the stars align And some of us strike gold You hold onto the things you have You doubt the road ahead A shaky faith in miracles Gets weaker in your head   Let it go Don’t think about it You just show the... Read more »

Come To Feel

I get cold and weary Thinking about losing my soul Hungry and tired need some drinkin' 'Cause I’ve got to be feeding my soul   I’ve come to feel so old And I’ve come to feel so old   I feel a need to bleed you Take all your money and run Leave you with... Read more »

Welcome to Tatiana’s site

Welcome to my website.  It is being updated right now, so please be patient.  It will be complete in just a few days.  Check out www.myspace.com/tatianamorozmusic in the meantime.

Paddy Reilly’s Songwriter Contest

Hey everyone!  The time has finally come for the final round of the Singer Songwriter Idol competition at Paddy Reilly’s bar in NYC.  See her play Dec 8, come down and vote.  Paddy’s is at the corner of 29th Street and 2nd Ave in NYC.