Look Like Honey

You say that I ask too much of you

But I disagree

You say I don’t understand the angles of

You and me

I try to play things straight, but there you go

now I can’t look you in the eye

I can’t stand all the things I have to do

To appeal to your wounded pride

Now you may look like honey

But you ain’t ever gonna be sweet to me

And though you may think I can be kind of funny

Well, that ain’t enough to be keeping me

You say that sometimes I walk too close

And no you won’t hold my hand

I’m tryin so very hard to cope,

Why won’t you understand?

I’m not trying to settle down,

I just wanna lay here in your arms a little while

I can’t stand all the things I have to do

To live in this perfect state of denial


But every time I get up and try to walk away

You say please stay

Don’t leave me here all alone…

But how am I supposed to try

To put away my peace of mind

And give it all up so I can just

Wait by the phone?