Live Comedy and Music: The NY Crypto Star Event May 11, 2019


At Crypto Stars NY, we had hundreds of guests join us to listen to music and comedy from many artists from the community on May 11, 2019.  I had a great time performing with all of my fellow musicians; Naomi Brockwell, Diana Zinni, Susannah Winspear, Meghann Wright, &  Zhou Tonged. We also had plenty of laughs thanks to our comedians; Mike SalviBailey Reutzel, Che SaSa, Jack Wills, Lawrence ArnellRich Owen, Jon Gardiner, Adam Elliott, Kyra Wagstaff,Sam Hancock!

The recorded video is now live on youtube here, where you can watch all of the performances if you missed the event or if you just want to re-experience the night! I hope you had a great time if you made it, and enjoy the video if you couldn’t! Thank you once again to our sponsors Crypto Media Hub, Lenox.Group, Chia, Edge, Bitcoin Magazine,, SonicScoop,, The Bitcoin Executor, Can’t wait for the next Crypto Star Event!




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