Keep the Faith

All alone in my bed,

Fighting dragons again

No, I can’t stop the tears when they fall


How did I get to this place?

All that work seems a waste

I thought I had friends on my side


Keep the memories, and make love from war

No, you never know what life has in store

It can take a little while to learn to keep the faith

You gotta learn to keep the faith


You know it’s been a real bad year,

Lots of sorrow and fear

And I’ve wondered where I took the wrong turn,


But I’ve had time to reflect,

Gave myself some respect,

And I’ll face the whole big world mighty strong


You go rolling ahead

And I cry a little bit

No, you won’t find your way back to me


But at the end of the day

I thank God when I pray,

Cause it was better than drinking alone

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