July 2018 Newsletter

Hey guys,

It’s me, Tatiana, here to give you the latest on what’s been going on in my world! I know it’s been a while since I gave you an update, but as always, keeping quite busy.

I went back into the studio (in Brooklyn this time) with Will Hensley to work on album 4. TBH, that’s my most exciting news, as I really miss my creative side. I have been doing a lot of personal growth, and I hope it reflects in my music. Either way, I am appreciative for the outlet.

Doing some site renovations and made up a new blog section here on www.TatianaMoroz.com. I want to update it more regularly (fingers crossed) and hope you like the more personal side. Sometimes I think it’s corny to be so vulnerable, but in the end, I think it’s strengthening. It acknowledges my own humanity and hopefully it allows others to try and be more self accepting and authentic too.

Otherwise, lots happening with growing of Crypto Media Hub, a new Tatiana Show website, and so much fun travel. Read on to get the latest 🙂

Thank you as always for your support!



Music & Updates:

We made some updates on the site, including a new blog section and a clearer story around Tatiana Coin. Come by and take a look around, we have a lot of fun new features and information about my music and my activism posted. I think you’ll like it! 🙂

I’ve also started a vlog to share my music. Why now?  I just want more music in my life!  I introduce the series with an impromptu performance of one of the first songs I wrote “Sweep”. I will post some of my latest songs, as well as some covers or just older songs I am playing for fun.  I will be sharing some of my personal journey as well, so I hope you can join me!

Currently, I’m writing and creating new songs for my upcoming album and with this, you’ll be able to hear some of it before it is officially released and follow along my progress. I would love your feedback so please leave it in the YouTube comments before the video.

Check it out here: https://multisite.tatianamoroz.com/

The Tatiana Show:

The Tatiana Show Website is up now and looking great!  If you’ve never listened to my podcast, there’s something for everyone.

Check it out here: https://thetatianashow.com

Event News:

One of the things I enjoy most about attending and performing at events and conferences is meeting you all. If we haven’t met yet, it’s a lot of fun to mingle and learn more about what is happening in the world of music, crypto, and blockchain. I may even be in your area soon!

Speaking of incredible events and mingling with great people, here are two crypto cruises coming up I’ll be heading to:


Thinking you may be seasick?  There’s a lot of fun land based conferences I will be participating in….

Learn more here: https://multisite.tatianamoroz.com/events/

Activism News:

As you know, I am a big supporter of the Ulbricht family. Ross Ulbricht is the creator of the Silk Road, an online marketplace based on principles of free exchange and privacy. The Silk Road was also a site where people extensively used Bitcoin in their online exchanges, which initially helped to develop Bitcoin’s real-world application and widespread use.

Ross Ulbricht was arrested in 2013 and later sentenced to life in prison for all non-violent charges.

A new petition launched by FreeRoss.org seeks a presidential pardon for Ross Ulbricht. The petition was created at Change.org by the family. The online petition already hosts over 30,000 signatures.

You can sign the petition, here: https://www.change.org/p/freerosspetition-we-seek-potus-s-clemency-for-ross-ulbricht-serving-double-life-for-a-website-realdonaldtrump-free-ross

Donations also help to gain more signatures and to assist Free Ross’ efforts. Read more about Ross Ulbricht at FreeRoss.org.

Follow Free Ross on Facebook and Twitter. Ross Ulbricht has also recently created a personal Twitter account, @RealRossU.

Crypto Media Hub News:

As my marketing and PR company continues to grow, so does our web presence and we’ve added a new blog to our website. There’s a new informative blog post up that you can share with your friends and family if they are new to bitcoin and would like to know what it is all about.

Check it out here: https://www.cryptomediahub.com/bitcoin-101-what-are-bitcoins-and-how-do-you-get-them/


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