Free Ross-A-Thon Re-Cap: Lyn Ulbricht and Tatiana Moroz Interviewed on

On Sunday liberty activists gathered to promote a message of freedom and justice and to raise funds for the Free Ross campaign. The aim was to raise $14,000 USD to pay off the cost of printing the appeal. The Free Ross Campaign’s work extends beyond Ross Ulbricht’s case and seeks to shed light on the injustices of the criminal justice system, the drug war and threats to our freedoms.

Speakers featured during the impressive 8-hour event included Jeffrey Tucker, Roger Ver, Ross’s mother Lyn Ulbricht, and musical performances by singer, songwriter and liberty activist, Tatiana Moroz.

At the conclusion of the Sunday December 4 evening, the fundraising goal was far surpassed thanks to the support of the Bitcoin community, and others who donated, along with Roger Ver who matched donations!

Tatiana Moroz and Lyn Ulbricht were interviewed by Elizabeth McCauley at, recapping the entire event and sharing various insights. Read the whole story at the link below!