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FreeRoss-A-Thon Online Event

October 2, 2016 @ 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Commemorating the 3rd year that Ross Ulbricht has been in a cage, sentenced to life for all non-violent charges. Just us for this exciting event, when great liberty lovers come together to support Ross Ulbricht and his fight for freedom. Hosted by Terry Brock.

Guest speakers include:

  • Alex Winter – Director of Deep Web and more; actor; producer
  • Adam Kokesh – author, activist
  • Bob Murphy – Austrian Economist, libertarian theorist
  • Calla Ulbricht – Ross Ulbricht’s sister
  • Cliff Maloney – Executive Director, Young Americans for Liberty
  • Cody Wilson – Owner, Defense Distributed
  • Darryl Perry – Author, radio host, lobbyist, activist
  • Derrick J – Activist, radio host
  • Doug Casey – Best-selling author, investment advisor
  • Ernie Hancock – Activist, host of daily radio show Declare Your Independence
  • Jeffrey Tucker – Author, Director of Content, FEE ; CLO Liberty.me
  • Jesse Ventura – Former governor, bestselling author, new book Marijuana Manifesto (with chapter on Ross and Silk Road case).
  • Julia Tourianski – Author, activist
  • Kat Murti – Cato Institute’s Senior Digital Outreach Manager; director Students for a Sensible Drug Policy
  • Kirk Ulbricht – Ross Ulbricht’s father
  • Lyn Ulbricht – Ross Ulbricht’s mother
  • Naomi Brockwell – Actress, producer, activist
  • Roger Ver – Bitcoin angel investor, activist
  • Stephen Duke – North American events manager, Students for Liberty
  • Tatiana Moroz – Singer, songwriter, activist

Goals: Raise $14,000 to pay off two bills for printing and binding the appeal documents for the court. Shockingly, one is for $13,667.90, the other for $482.45 (The price of pursuing justice in the USA!). Raise awareness of the case and support for Ross, in both financial and other ways. Shine a light on the serious impact of this case on our liberty.

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