Claim To Your Heart

You left my place last night without even so much as a goodbye.

Did someone leave you a message that was sweeter than mine?

I’m not supposed to know, I’m not supposed to ask questions

Or you’ll call off the show, if I dare to even mention

That I may have a claim to your heart

And I might like to show it baby,

These things that you do, they’ll tear us apart

And don’t act like you don’t know it!

I’ll give up my claim to your heart,

I’ll wash away those guilty pleasures

I’ll go it alone, I’ll make a new start

Cause these times they call for desperate measures

I told you time and again, that I’m not really into this game.

You woke me up this morning, and threw me out in the rain.

We can’t go on this way, this ain’t a way to treat your lover

When the only thing you’ve got to say, is “Chill babe- I’m workin under cover…”


I need a man who will show me

Just how beautiful I can be

Not a situation that controls me,

I need a love that will make me free