Castle to Defend

I’m sorry I had to wait so long for your love

I’m sorry for all of our pain

It always seems to feel like something we’ve stolen

A treasure that could be taken away

Still I can’t sleep without

I can’t eat without

I can’t dream without you

I guess I care too much

Always want your touch

I can’t be without you

My heart was so broken

But no glue seems to mend,

I’ll leave the door open

Baby it ain’t over til the end

Cause we’ve still got a castle to defend

A castle to defend

I’m sorry you lie awake and can’t dream at night

I’m sorry for all of our shame

We give it all we have, but it never seems enough

It always seems to come much too late


So when they’re storming at the gates

I’ll fight alone til my heart breaks

I believe in this imaginary love

So be my knight in shining armor

and I will be your queen