The TatianaCoin Campaign Officially Launches!

Hi Folks, it’s Tatiana Moroz!

I’m a singer-songwriter and a Bitcoin pioneer in the music biz gearing up to launch a new album and a tour. I am also introducing a revolutionary way for artists to develop fan communities and earn a living at the same time. I hope you will join me on this extraordinary journey.

You can find out a little more about me here:

My music is deeply devoted to the causes of peace, freedom and justice. I am also passionate about exploring advocacy and self-empowerment for artists. Bitcoin is a technology that is a perfect fit for these ideals. It is a peer-to-peer digital currency that cuts out banks, middlemen, and governments. Bitcoin has revolutionized the transfer of value, similar to how the internet transformed the way we share information with each other. Bitcoin takes financial control away from exploitative entities and puts it directly in your hands.

Just as Bitcoin cuts out the middleman or a central corporate authority, I want my art to do the same–to enable a direct, unmediated connection with my fans. This is why I have introduced Tatiana Coin, the first digital currency created by an artist for her fan community. Tatiana Coin is an artist-specific token with real value that is built on top of Bitcoin’s blockchain.

As an artist, I want to have a stronger relationship with my fans. Tatiana Coin enables this. It gives my fans a gateway to the Tatiana site to directly communicate with me. Even more, fans can interact with each other in a whole new way, strengthening a sense of community. Tatiana Coins can also be redeemed for the streaming of music, for access to exclusive fan content and merchandise, for advanced ticket sales, and with more features coming in the near future.

By purchasing Tatiana Coins, my fans can help fund my current music and advocacy tour as well as finance a global launch of my new album Keep the Faith.

Through my music, I want to advocate for a world that understands the value of decentralized authority, to usher in the conclusion of a wasteful war on drugs, and to push for an overhaul of a corrupt prison-industrial complex that has destroyed so many people and their families–a system that has, to a large extent, destroyed the life of my friend Ross Ulbricht and his family. Ross was wrongly convicted and unfairly punished for allegedly committing nonviolent crimes (for more information on his case, please watch The Deep Web by Alex Winter). I stand with Ross, and I am lucky to have Ross stand with me; the beautiful album cover for my album Keep The Faith was originally drawn by him as a birthday present to me, and I am now really excited to be able to use it as my album cover.

I invite you to join my campaign to finance the launch of Keep The Faith and for a global tour that spreads the message of freedom, liberty, voluntary interaction, equal access, and love through technology, education, and the innovative use of the blockchain. By funding my music with Tatiana Coin, you will be joining a new movement that allows passionate fans to directly support artists in a unique, fun, impactful, and engaging way.

Details about how you can get involved are below. With your help, we can embark together on a journey of artistic empowerment, promote peace, freedom, and justice, and create a wonderful community in the process.

With love,


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