Call You Out

I went out to a gig today,

They told me I’d be paid to play,

I’m counting on it, to pay all of my bills


I gotta eat, have a place to sleep

Need to cool the summer heat,

So yeah, if you don’t mind, I need my cash


Or I will call you out

Gotta ask the people for their help

Cause we can’t afford the crooked courts anymore

Yeah we will call you out

Cause you tell the cops and they won’t listen

A benefit of broken systems these days


I left New York to go to Chile,

Far away, it wasn’t pretty

But I dust myself off and walk away


I’m looking up and I won’t be down

Cause I get to play all around the world

It is so beautiful to see


You think that cause I’m just some girl

You’ll frighten me with scary words or

Try to touch me when I’m on the stage


It seems romantic to be broke

But you know, my friend, it ain’t a joke

When the bad guy always gets away

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