Bitcoin for Musicians: Tatiana Moroz Makes the Case for “Artist Coins” and More

Tatiana Moroz was recently interviewed by industry source SonicScoop!

“Singer/songwriter and Blockchain advocate Tatiana Moroz has an enthusiasm for Bitcoin that is infectious.

Even I, a longtime Bitcoin skeptic, find myself nodding in agreement as she talks about its many practical uses:

It is currently an incredibly cost-effective alternative for online music sales, especially when compared to the obscenely high transfer fees of credit cards and PayPal. That much is undeniable.

In the future, it has the potential to act as a seamless platform for online “micro-payments” to artists and creators. (Imagine automatically paying a fraction of a penny for access to this article, or to listen to your favorite songs online).

It even has the power to act as a system for managing, documenting, and even unlocking intellectual property rights that give artists some control over who profits from their work and how.

The more I talk to Tatiana about it, the more I’m reminded that my own skepticism around the long-term value of Bitcoin doesn’t come from it being a bad idea. Rather, my skepticism stems from the fact that it’s clearly a great idea.”

Read the rest of Tatiana’s coverage at Sonicscoop!


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