Bad News

I know I don’t love you but I can’t get you off of my mind

Always thinking of you, though I ain’t the cheating kind

I sleep in my lover’s arms, am bothered by thoughts of your bed

Tryin not to think about who takes my place there instead

But you’re no good


Your dreamy eyes should hold no weight with me

Cause you’re bad news and I remember walkin this way before

Your attitude is that you always come first

I’ve played this game before and I’ve never even won a single hand

Why do I raise the stakes for the thoughts of another man?

You’re nothing but trouble but I can’t help that it turns me on

And it only adds fuel to this fire baby knowing that it’s wrong

The heat of your breath against my neck makes me weak in the knees

If I allow myself to go, you won’t tell anyone please?



You know I know in my heart

On the morning after

Neither of you will bring me to

My happily ever after