#art4ross is born at Porcfest

I was in Lancaster, NH for Porcfest this year, one of the largest freedom gatherings in the world.  It’s on a campground in the White Mountains where there’s barely cell service, most people are anarchists, and it’s very tolerant and peaceful.  If you like beards, you will love Porcfest.  I was traveling with Lyn Ulbricht, who as you probably know by now, is Ross Ulbricht’s mom.  We were trying to brainstorm ideas on how we could engage with the community and allow them to get to know Ross.  After meeting him and writing for a while now, it strikes me that while he has been such an inspiration, with his endless warmth, humor, and integrity, people can’t really get to know the real him.

Meanwhile, I have been creating funny art pieces for him since Christmas and they seem to cheer him up.  It’s more fun than a letter, and it also shows him someone cares.  So I wanted to share the fun, and I picked up art supplies like glitter, stickers, crayons, colored pencils, paints, and more.  At the campground, we set up a table where people could come and make a picture for Ross.  People really loved it!  It was such a good way to connect and created an awesome vibe, so we decided to turn it into a campaign that other people can join in on anywhere in the world.  #art4ross is the hashtag, so please check out the Twitter feeds:  @free_ross and @QueenTatiana and participate!  No special art skills needed, just make something from the heart.  You can mail your piece to Ross at the address below, but don’t forget to take a pic and tag us #art4ross

Ross Ulbricht, #18870-111
Metropolitan Correctional Center
150 Park Row
New York, NY  10007

In the meantime, Ross remains behind bars.  While incarcerated, he has been creating some powerful art from behind the walls that has been turned into a fun game.  When people donate on the squares, the picture is revealed.  We synced up the first piece “The Trial I Saw” to my Silk Road song from my upcoming album (see below).  There is a new game at art.freeross.org that you can play, so please be sure to visit the site and support his appeal which is going on now!


Below is the card I included with the first batch of art I sent to the prison.  Please help us spread the word about #FreeRoss



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