What is Tatiana Coin?

Tatiana Coin is the first ever musical artist coin, and was inspired by Bitcoin.  TC was built on the Counterparty protocol.  Think of TATIANACOINs as digital gift certificates, each equaling about 5 cents.

What is Bitcoin again?

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History & Purpose:  The First Ever Musical Artist Cryptocurrency “Tatiana Coin”

In 2014, I launched the very first artist coin.  What a journey it’s been!   Here’s a little background.  I am a singer songwriter from NJ that went to Berklee College of Music in Boston.  After school, I moved back to NY and I soon was managing some top recording studios.  Even though these were cool jobs, what drove me crazy was how unfair it was!  A lot of the artists getting funding were… well, crappy.  I knew many great musicians that couldn’t get the major label funding needed to compete, so even though they were really talented, it didn’t matter much.  They were screwed.   I grew up on good music, so I worried and wondered.  What would be our legacy if only bad pop was getting access to the people?    

Meanwhile, I started doing activism, and making sure my own music had a message.  I enjoyed a lot of success playing at different rallies and protests around the country and really found my niche.  However, trying to change the world through the political process was sort of a dead end.  Enter Bitcoin.

Bitcoin was something that could help equalize the playing field.  It was strengthened by its peer to peer network.  That meant no centralized point of failure, which means no boss screwing it up or rigging the game.  This was a currency that had to play by the rules, and wasn’t manipulated by a central bank.  Plus it’s network was a public ledger that could store all kinds of information, like property rights, digital rights, smart contracts, payments, and more which allowed for greater transparency.  It provided virtually free access to this global currency to anyone who had a cell phone or an internet connection, even in the most remote parts of the world!

By the time I met with Adam B Levine from Let’s Talk Bitcoin in January 2014, I was already thinking… what could Bitcoin mean for music?   So in late March, we put together a great core team including Lisa Cheng among others and got started.  We chose the Counterparty protocol, which is built on the Bitcoin blockchain.  It was basically an experiment where the crowd sale concept meets cryptocurrency (sort of like Pledge Music, IndieGogo, or Kickstarter coupled with Bitcoin).  As the user donates BTC, they would get their Tatiana Coin.  Fans holding TC could spend these digital gift certificates by trading their TC for special prizes from me directly.  It allowed me to connect with my supporters directly without a middle man.  

You could redeem your TC for members only rewards including autographed memorabilia, advanced copies of music, swag, and access to exclusive events.  We were even offering custom music, house concerts, and sponsorship opportunities!  

Developing the methods use Tatiana Coin was tricky.  No one had ever done this, so getting the basic functionality and tools built meant we were starting from scratch.  That was definitely part of the fun, because we created tools for the artist, by an artist!  I liked being the guinea pig, though it could be frustrating.  And thank God for the programmers!  A lot of what we were developing was open source.  I soon learned that meant everyone was contributing and improving what was being build, instead of using patents.  We all had to be patient to get it right (something I had a hard time with!).  Even now it’s pretty simple functionality, but it’s a solid foundation.  We are adding features, and it’s really working!

Our goal is to set a strong template for enabling artists to connect directly to their fanbase through the power of Artist Coins.    


What has happened with the funds raised so far?

My 12 song album is fully mixed and ready for mastering!  It was funded completely by the support of Tatiana Coin and cryptocurrency since it’s launch in June 2014.   We need to master it and support it with proper marketing.  I really look forward to sharing this experience with others and help them understand why I see use of the blockchain with music in an incredible opportunity!  


The Message

By funding my music with TC, you are joining a new movement that directly supports artists for their talent.  You are helping me make music that spreads the message of freedom, liberty, peace, equality, and love through technology, education, and the innovative use of the blockchain.   I am honored to represent these values in my music.  As long as I can remember, it has been my goal to sing for the soul of humanity.  My songs encourage discussion about what the future holds for us, and how cryptocurrency can help the disenfranchised all over the world. There is a focus on liberating people through entrepreneurship, charity by enabling your fellow man, and taking the money power away from the war machine. If you are a woman in a third world country, you no longer have to ask permission to support yourself and store your wealth.  Anyone can start a business!  People no longer have to spend 5-25% of their money on transaction fees sending money to their families overseas.  Is your country printing money out of thin air?  You are no longer binding your financial future to the whims of the banking overlords, so you can store your wealth to ensure the safety of your family.

TatianaCoin will mark the start of a decentralized music revolution!  Imagine artists being able to organically grow and directly reach their fan base without the influence of third party vendors that may not have the artists’ best interests in mind. The possibility for smart property creation, the streamlining of legal services, DACs, and more are now a reality of today. Now anyone can support businesses and causes they believe in.  What other ways can we free mankind via the blockchain?  We are at the very beginning of a new era.  We can shape what that will look like right now!

Your support is very much appreciated.


Support the Campaign

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Your financial support is much appreciated! There are a huge variety of prizes for any budget, so anyone can be a part of it! However, we understand that some might not be able to contribute as much as they like, though they believe in the project.

So help us spread the word! Are you on Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Do you have a newsletter? A website? A radio program? You can help us reach out to your family and friends!

Want to book me? Write to Info@CryptoMediaHub.com

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And of course, don’t forget to buy your Tatiana Coin above!

Here are some sample prizes we will be adding soon:  

Advanced autographed copies of the 3rd album

Tshirts, bracelets, and other memorabilia

Special event access post conferences around the world

Sitting in (and maybe even jamming) on a recording session at www.PremierStudiosNY.com

House concerts

Skype interviews and hangouts

“Your Request” cover song recordings

Songs written especially for your loved ones

Exclusive interviews

A jingle for your company

Video Sponsorship opportunities to raise awareness for your brand

This was the initial intro to Tatiana Coin from June 2014.  New video coming soon…


How Do I Get Tatiana Coin?


Click on the tabs for Tatiana Coin above to directly purchase and redeem Tatiana Coin.

TATIANACOIN is a digital gift certificate worth approximately 5 cents USD each. Therefor a single that would normally cost $1, when paid for in Tatiana Coin costs $0.75 cents or 15 TATIANACOIN *Note the discount from compared to purchasing with your credit card!

You’ll keep your TATIANACOIN safe in Tokenly Pockets, a free chrome browser extension that protects your coins while making spending simple. Tokens (digital gift certificates like TATIANACOIN) are new but you’ll see more people using them as time goes on. You can keep any other token built on Bitcoin using the Counterparty Protocol right alongside your TATIANACOIN in your Tokenly Pockets. If you aren’t able to use the Chrome Browser you can try Counterwallet.io. If you’re looking for a mobile wallet you might try the Counterwallet app for Android or Apple.




To purchase TATIANACOIN, you’ll need to exchange your dollars for bitcoins.  Bitcoin is like cash that lives on the internet, so it’s a natural fit for buying your gift certificates that live on the internet. To purchase bitcoins, visit Coinbase or Circle.  Here is a video showing how to buy your initial bitcoins with Coinbase.



Once you have the bitcoins make sure you send them to one of your “pockets”.  From there you can buy TATIANACOIN from my vending machine and within about an hour, your TATIANACOIN will be delivered to the same pocket you paid with.

And guess what? You can USE your Tatiana Coin too at the tab above or right here in Tatiana’s swapbot.

You can now buy my music at the Tokenly store and soon I’ll be launching my own store with a complete selection of downloadable albums, singles and bonus content in early August 2015!

Here’s a bit more about the Tokenly system: