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What is Tatiana Coin?

Tatiana Moroz is launching the very first ever musical artist coin on the Counter Party Protocol. What does that even mean? Some of us barely understand bitcoin! Well, this is an experiment where the crowd sale concept meets cryptocurrency. As the user donates BTC and XCP, they get their Tatiana Coin. Tatiana Coin will function as the primary token in which exclusive access to Tatiana gear and events will be made possible. Fans holding TC will find themselves in a unique place to spend and trade their TC for special prizes and performances made possible by Tatiana herself.

So what exactly does the Tatiana Coin get you? You can redeem your TC for members only rewards including autographed memorabilia, music, crypto jewelry, clothes, and access to “invite only” events where you can meet and mingle with some of the biggest names in Bitcoin and beyond. We are even offering custom music, personalized concerts, and sponsorship opportunities! Prizes will be added throughout the campaign, so be sure to check back. The goal is to set a strong precedent for enabling artists to connect directly to their fanbase through the power of a crowdsale of TatianaCoins. We need your help to make this a success…

This is the first time any artist has ever done anything like this! By contributing to the Tatiana Coin crowd sale, you not only are helping fund her 3rd album, but you are becoming part of crypto and music history! You are joining a new movement that directly supports artists for their talent! By funding her music with TC, you will be helping to spread the message of love, liberty, and peace through technology, education, and the innovative use of the blockchain.

Tiers for Success

$25,000 Breakeven Point For Tatiana’s 3rd Album

With your help this summer, Tatiana will record her 3rd LP. This will include video footage featuring behind the scenes of Tatiana Coin and making of the album!

$50,000 + Tatiana Around the World Tour

Help support Tatiana’s appearances spreading the message about freedom, music, and Bitcoin!

$75,000 + Tatiana’s Video Series

We think the best way to teach people about Bitcoin, is not only to sing about it, but to SHOW people how to use it in real life! We will be documenting her musical journey with Crypto and how it is changing the face of creativity, entrepreneurship, finance, charity and more!

$250,000 and beyond: The 1st Ever Crypto Music Label and Recording Studio

The music industry has been promoting things based on what some executives think will sell, not about what people connect with. We are constantly force fed terrible music that doesn’t feed the soul. What if we could combine the best of the old music business models with the future of Tatiana Coin and other DAC ideas? Our goal would be to let artists and fans take back control of the art in a totally new way that benefits everyone! Funds raised at this threshold will be the seed money for the most experimental and ambitious project to hit the music and cryptography world.

Tatiana’s extensive music experience coupled with Adam B. Levine’s cryptoproperty focus will facilitate the complete makeover of the music making process. They will team up with industry professionals, each with decades of experience, to take an existing studio model and add on label, publishing, video, and production services, utilizing the blockchain technology whenever possible. The goal is also to document this process, so as to share it with the world and provide marketing materials for the project/concept itself. The core staff required for this is already available, and there are many options for space or existing studios we can partner with. This long term project could be operational in 6-18 months depending on crowdsale success. Further plans can be furnished upon request.

What We Need & What You Get

Tatiana will be cutting her third studio album with a full band in NYC. The bulk of money raised for this crowd sale will go to fund musicians, engineers, studio time, video content, art work, pressings, distribution and promotion.

Upon creating the record, Tatiana will embark on her summer tour. You can catch her at: Bitcoin in the Beltway, Porcfest, the Libertarian National Convention, United We Stand Festival, Panda Take Back Tour dates around the US, plus many more! With enough sponsorship, Tatiana can take the Bitcoin message of freedom to Europe, Asia, and beyond. Music is a great way to promote Bitcoin as a tool for freedom and peace worldwide.

If we exceed those first few tiers, that’s when things get really interesting! We will be able to join Tatiana on her tour with video coverage. We will show what does Bitcoin in the life of a touring musician mean? Or what if we take the artist crypto currency model further and start a label?! The possibilities are endless as we grow the ecosystem of ideas around this exciting technology!

“I am excited to continue reaching out to people through music. This is a wonderful opportunity to go on this journey together, converging cryptocurrency, culture, and conversations with people around the world.” – Tatiana

Your support is very much appreciated. Take a look at Tatiana’s exclusive prizes. We think they’re a lot of fun and as word spreads with your support, the real value will be in holding Tatiana Coin! Who knows what it will be worth in the future!? %Album Release Party

The Impact

Tatiana is proud to represent free people everywhere through her music. Her message of peace and progress speaks to the very soul of humanity. It encourages discussion about what the future holds for us, and how cryptocurrency can help the disenfranchised all over the world. There is a focus on liberating people through entrepreneurship, charity by enabling your fellow man, and taking the money power away from the war machine. If you are a woman in a third world country, you no longer have to ask permission to support yourself and store your wealth. You can start a business! People no longer have to spend 5-25% of their money on transaction fees sending money to their families overseas. Is your country printing money out of thin air? You are no longer binding your financial future to the whims of the banking overlords, so you can store your wealth to ensure the safety of your family.

TatianaCoin will mark the start of a decentralized music revolution! Imagine artists being able to organically grow and directly reach their fan base without the influence of third party vendors that may not have the artists’ best interests in mind. The possibility for smart property creation, the streamlining of legal services, DACs, and more are now a reality of today. Now anyone can support businesses and causes they believe in, hold their coins long term, and be rewarded by the increased demand of their favorite meta coins. What other ways can we free mankind via the blockchain? We are at the very beginning of a new era. We can shape what that will look like right now!

Support the Campaign

Your financial support is much appreciated! There are a huge variety of prizes for any budget, so anyone can be a part of it! However, we understand that some might not be able to contribute as much as they like, though they believe in the project.

So help us spread the word! Are you on Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Do you have a newsletter? A website? A radio program? You can help us reach out to your family and friends! Want to book Tatiana? Write to Info@SameSideEntertainment.com

We have lots of cool updates up ahead so make sure you’re following us on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and sign up for Tatiana’s newsletter by going to www.TatianaCoin.com and entering your email address where it says, “Join Mailing List”!


(All holders of TatianaCoin will receive a lifetime subscription to the Tatiana Fan Club)

$5 Intro to Crypto Fan

Membership to the Tatiana Fan Club which includes newsletter and exclusive access to some of Tatiana’s latest work. Learn all about crypto and it’s place in art and culture! Plus Bitcoin Single and a bonus track!

$25 The New Album Advanced Copy

Get it before all of your friends (who still use those pesky dollars)! An autographed copy of a first edition pressing of the new album!

$50 Tiger Beat Edition

Hang up an autographed picture of Tatiana in your locker PLUS a Facebook thank you, plus a handwritten thank you note! Includes autographed new album!

$100 The Summer of Music Package (2000 total)

A limited numbered autographed 1st edition of the New Untitled album CD, a Tatiana t-shirt, your smiling mug on Tatiana’s website and Facebook thank you!

$250 Skype Power with Tatiana Package

30 min Skype interview, all 3 album autographed, autographed poster of Tatiana, a personalized thank you video to be posted on Youtube, and a goodie bag!

$500 Songstress Serenade by Tatiana Package

A personalized YouTube Music video cover with the song of your choice, an autographed copy of Love and Liberty CD & Tatiana CD, 2 autographed posters of Tatiana, a personalized thank you vid to be posted on Youtube, and if that’s not enough, a goodie bag!

$1000 In the Studio with Tatiana

Sit in on a recording session with Tatiana Moroz in NYC at a famous music studio! Tatiana will take you out to dinner afterward at one of her favorite local spots so you can chill after a fun day of recording. Your name will also appear in an official premier supporter section on the website. Also included: an autographed edition of the first press of the new album, a Tatiana t-shirt, an autographed poster, a personalized thank you vid to be posted on Youtube, and if that’s not enough, a goodie bag! (Date must be agreed upon between purchaser and Tatiana’s management)

$3000 Bring Down Your House with Tatiana Package- includes travel in the cont. US

A House Concert!! Let Tatiana serenade you in your own home! Perfect for all sorts of gatherings, from an intimate affair with your closest friends, to an anniversary or even a corporate event! Tatiana will learn a cover song of your choice to be performed in addition to the standard set, and will also include autographed versions of all 3 Tatiana albums, a Tatiana t-shirt, an autographed poster, a personalized thank you vid to be posted on Youtube, and if that’s not enough, a goodie bag!

$5000 Your very own Jingle!

Your very own 60 second custom made jingle by Tatiana! Full production included plus autographed versions of all 3 Tatiana albums (first pressing), a Tatiana t-shirt, an autographed poster, a personalized thank you vid to be posted on Youtube!

$7,500 A Song All Your Own!

Do you have lyric ideas that you been able to put to music? Do you wish you were a better singer and could express your heart in song? Tatiana will help you create the song of your dreams! This purchase includes a beautiful professional recording catered to your message and performed by Tatiana herself! Also included: digital download of “The Bitcoin Jingle”, autographed versions of all 3 Tatiana albums (first pressing), a Tatiana t-shirt, an autographed poster, a personalized thank you vid to be posted on Youtube, and if that’s not enough, a goodie bag!