Shop & Support Tatiana Directly

Store items can be purchased via credit card or PayPal, or as the first-ever artist with her own bitcoin digital currency, Tatiana encourages fans to purchase the TATIANACOIN (TC). TC can be used today or in the future, but your purchase supports her music growth immediately. She provides store discounts for items purchased with Tatiana Coin as well.  Make sure when you use TATIANACOIN, you are purchasing from a Counterparty friendly wallet.  Some examples include:,, and indiesquare.

More items will soon become available such as advanced autographed copies of album releases, memorabilia, special event access post-conferences around the world, sitting-in on a recording session, house concerts, Skype interviews and hangouts, “on demand” cover songs, songs written especially for your loved ones, exclusive interviews, a jingle for your company, and video sponsorship opportunities to raise awareness for your brand.