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Music & Bitcoins

In 2014, I launched the very first artist coin. What a journey it’s been! Here’s a little background. I am a singer-songwriter from NJ that went to Berklee College of Music in Boston. After school, I moved back to NY and I soon was managing some top recording studios. Even though these were cool jobs, what drove me crazy was how unfair it was! A lot of the artists getting funding were… well, to put it nicely, lacking depth and meaning.

Tatiana speaks and sings in Mexico City December 2015 

About Tatiana Moroz

TATIANACOIN is the first ever musical artist coin. The coin is a unique digital currency built on top of Bitcoin. As an independent artist, I wanted to solve problems connecting with my fans and supporting my music career. Think of artist coins as digital gift certificates or a type of token that you can hold in a digital wallet. These coins can be redeemed for backstage access, music, merch, held onto for future rewards, and they can even be traded or sold with other music fans. They allow an artist to gather support from their community through long-term fundraising. Imagine, as a fan, becoming that much more entwined with the careers of your favorite musicians, visual artists, and other content creators.

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