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Hi Folks, It’s Tatiana Moroz!

I’m a singer-songwriter and a Bitcoin pioneer in the music biz gearing up to launch a new album and a tour. I am also introducing a revolutionary way for artists to develop fan communities and earn a living at the same time. I hope you will join me on this extraordinary journey.

You can find out a little more about me here:

My music is deeply devoted to the causes of peace, freedom and justice. I am also passionate about exploring advocacy and self-empowerment for artists. Bitcoin is a technology that is a perfect fit for these ideals. It is a peer-to-peer digital currency that cuts out banks, middlemen, and governments. Bitcoin has revolutionized the transfer of value, similar to how the internet transformed the way we share information with each other. Bitcoin takes financial control away from exploitative entities and puts it directly in your hands.

Just as Bitcoin cuts out the middleman or a central corporate authority, I want my art to do the same–to enable a direct, unmediated connection with my fans. This is why I have introduced Tatiana Coin, the first digital currency created by an artist for her fan community. Tatiana Coin is an artist-specific token with real value that is built on top of Bitcoin’s blockchain.

As an artist, I want to have a stronger relationship with my fans. Tatiana Coin enables this. It gives my fans a gateway to the Tatiana site to directly communicate with me. Even more, fans can interact with each other in a whole new way, strengthening a sense of community. Tatiana Coins can also be redeemed for the streaming of music, for access to exclusive fan content and merchandise, for advanced ticket sales, and with more features coming in the near future.

By purchasing Tatiana Coins, my fans can help fund my current music and advocacy tour as well as finance a global launch of my new album Keep the Faith.

Through my music, I want to advocate for a world that understands the value of decentralized authority, to usher in the conclusion of a wasteful war on drugs, and to push for an overhaul of a corrupt prison-industrial complex that has destroyed so many people and their families–a system that has, to a large extent, destroyed the life of my friend Ross Ulbricht and his family. Ross was wrongly convicted and unfairly punished for allegedly committing nonviolent crimes (for more information on his case, please watch The Deep Web by Alex Winter). I stand with Ross, and I am lucky to have Ross stand with me; the beautiful album cover for my album Keep The Faith was originally drawn by him as a birthday present to me, and I am now really excited to be able to use it as my album cover.

I invite you to join my campaign to finance the launch of Keep The Faith and for a global tour that spreads the message of freedom, liberty, voluntary interaction, equal access, and love through technology, education, and the innovative use of the blockchain. By funding my music with Tatiana Coin, you will be joining a new movement that allows passionate fans to directly support artists in a unique, fun, impactful, and engaging way.

Details about how you can get involved are below. With your help, we can embark together on a journey of artistic empowerment, promote peace, freedom, and justice, and create a wonderful community in the process.

With love,




TATIANACOIN is the first ever musical artist coin. The coin is a unique digital currency built on top of Bitcoin. As an independent artist, I wanted to solve problems connecting with my fans and supporting my music career.

TATIANACOIN is the alpha for the concept of Artist Coins.

What is an Artist Coin?

Think of artist coins as digital gift certificates or a type of token that you can hold in a digital wallet. These coins can be redeemed for backstage access, music, merchandise, held onto for future rewards, and they can even be traded or sold with other music fans. They allow an artist to gather support from their community through long-term fundraising. Imagine, as a fan, becoming that much more entwined with the careers of your favorite musicians, visual artists, and other content creators!  Artist coins will allow you direct messaging, streaming, and support functions between artists and fans.

History & Purpose: The First Ever Musical Artist Cryptocurrency “Tatiana Coin”

In 2014 I launched the very first artist coin, Tatiana Coin. The history of the artist coin begins with my first passion, music. I am a singer-songwriter from NJ that attended Berklee College of Music in Boston. After college, I moved to NY and was soon managing some of the top recording studios in the city like Chung King, Quad, and Premier. These were cool jobs, no doubt. However, I noticed how getting into the studio wasn’t always about talent, it was about money. I knew many great musicians that couldn’t get the major label funding, so even though they were really talented, it didn’t matter much. I grew up on good music, so I worried and wondered. What would be our legacy if only repetitive, generic pop was being played for the people?

Meanwhile, I started doing a lot of peace activism, and making sure my own music had a message.  I garnered a lot of success playing at different rallies and protests around the country and really found my niche.  However, trying to change the world through the political process was sort of a dead end. Enter Bitcoin.

Bitcoin was something that could help equalize the playing field.  It was strengthened by its peer to peer network.  That meant no centralized point of failure, which means no boss screwing it up or rigging the game.  This was a currency that had to play by the rules, and wasn’t manipulated by a central bank.  It’s network is a public ledger that could store all kinds of information, such as property rights, digital rights, smart contracts, payments, and more. This allowed for greater speed and transparency.  It provided virtually free access to this global currency to anyone who had a cell phone or an internet connection, even in the most remote parts of the world!

By the time I met Adam B Levine from Let’s Talk Bitcoin in January 2014, we were both thinking: What could Bitcoin mean for music?   So in late March, we put together a great core team and got started. We chose the Counterparty protocol, which is a set of rules built on the Bitcoin blockchain.  The Artist Coin was basically an experiment where the crowd sale concept meets cryptocurrency (sort of like IndieGogo or Kickstarter coupled with Bitcoin).  As the user donates, they would get their Tatiana Coin.  Fans holding TC could spend these digital gift certificates by trading their TC for special prizes.  It allowed me to connect with my supporters directly, while also creating a personally branded incentive and reward system for holders to talk about my work.

You could redeem your TC for members only rewards including autographed memorabilia, advanced copies of music, swag, and access to exclusive events.  We were even offering custom music, house concerts, and sponsorship opportunities!

Developing the methods in which Tatiana Coin could be used was tricky.  No one had ever done this, so getting the basic functionality and tools built meant we were starting from scratch.  That was definitely part of the fun, because we created tools for the artist, by an artist!  I liked being the guinea pig, though it could be frustrating. Thank God for the Tokenly team!  A lot of what we were developing was open source.  I soon learned that meant everyone was contributing and improving what was being build.  We all had to be patient to get it right (something I had a hard time with!).

What developed out of this organic experiment is really compelling.  I was able to fund my 3rd album tentatively titled “Keep the Faith”, and now I’ve begun creating custom content for my fans.  I am selling more coins for marketing expenses and promotion.  I don’t have to be locked into one sale, and secondary markets may emerge.  When I need to sell more coins, I can set my price and suggest new projects and goals.  I am creating an economy around my music on my terms, but with ample freedom and engagement with the world.

Our goal is to let other artists connect directly and creatively with their fan base through the power of artist coins.  I hope more people join me on this exciting journey into the unknown world of Blockchain!

What is the Benefit for an Artist of Having an Altcoin Versus Accepting Bitcoin?

From Tatiana: “I do accept Bitcoin, and dollars too. Tatianacoin allows someone to give me whatever form of money they want and get back basically a gift certificate with extra features. I can’t do that with just Bitcoin because Bitcoin isn’t specific to me. And to be clear, it’s not an altcoin, it’s a token I created on the Bitcoin blockchain.”

Do You Know About How Many People Own TatianaCoins?

Yes, you can see the live list here by clicking on the “Assetholders” tab at:

What Currencies Other Than TatianaCoin Does Tokenly Exchange?

Tokenly is the merchant services provider for TatianCoin, they allow anyone to sell physical, digital or token goods in exchange for dollars, bitcoin, cryptocurrency and also allows you to accept any token you create yourself, or that someone else created on the Counterparty Platform.

Will Fans Be Able to Exchange TatianaCoin for Other Currencies On Tokenly?

Yes, fans, collectors and other artists can set up their own stores to buy and sell collectible tokens. Tokens can be traded outside of Tokenly’s tools as well, there is a distributed exchange built into Counterparty that allows for tokens to be swapped entirely on the blockchain although it’s easier to use Tokenly’s tools.

Has Tokenly Developed Altcoins Besides TatianaCoin?

From Tatiana: “Tokenly doesn’t develop altcoins, and didn’t develop TatianaCoin. I created it, and am chosing to use Tokenly’s tools to make TatianaCoin useful instead of building that whole world myself. I get to use Tokenly like I use the electric company, I pay them for service and it empowers me to do things that would be very difficult with (relative) ease.”

Are Other Artists Already Using is getting ready to launch its public alpha and is in discussions with early access musicians now. Some of the prizes during this campaign will give you access when it’s launched!

The Message

By funding my music with Tatiana Coin, you are joining a new movement that allows passionate fans to directly support artists in a unique, fun, impactful, and engaging way. You are helping me create music that spreads the message of freedom, liberty, voluntary interaction, equal access, and love through technology, education, and the innovative use of the blockchain. For as long as I can remember, it has been my goal to sing for the soul of humanity.  My songs encourage discussion about what the future holds for us, and how cryptocurrency can help the disenfranchised all over the world. There is a focus on liberating people through entrepreneurship, charity by enabling your fellow man, and taking the currency control away from the war machine. If you are a person in a third world country, you no longer have to ask permission to support yourself and store your wealth.  Anyone will be able to start a business!  People no longer have to spend 5-30% of their money on transaction fees sending money to their families overseas.  If your country is printing money out of thin air, you are no longer binding your financial future to the whims of the banking overlords. You can store your wealth to ensure the safety of your family.

Artist Coins will mark the start of a decentralized music revolution! Imagine artists being able to organically grow and directly reach their fan base without the influence of third party vendors that may not have the artists’ best interests in mind. The possibility for smart property creation, the streamlining of legal services, decentralized autonomous corporations, and more are now a reality of today. Now anyone will be able support businesses and causes they believe in.  What other ways can we free mankind via the blockchain?  We are at the very beginning of a new era.  We can shape what that will look like right now!

What Has Happened with the Funds Raised So Far?

My 3rd studio album tentatively titled “Keep the Faith” with 12 new original songs is fully mixed and nearly ready for release!  We were even able to capture some awesome video footage, and we are working on editing the content.  This album was funded completely by the support of Tatiana Coin and cryptocurrency since the project’s launch in June 2014. All that is left is final mastering and devising proper marketing strategies for the album’s release.  Estimated goals will be outlined soon, but the token sale is ongoing.  I really look forward to sharing this experience with others, and have already started doing so through public blog postings, and some postings only for holders of Tatiana Coin.  I want others to see the marriage of blockchain with music as an incredible opportunity!

Support Tatiana through TatianaCoin

Your financial support is highly, highly appreciated. There are a huge variety of items in the shop for any budget, so anyone can be a part of it. Donations are also accepted.

If you are unable to contribute at this time, help spread the word on what bitcoin can do for artists and the larger community. Are you on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram? Do you have a newsletter, a website, a radio program? You can help us build the community through the engagement of your family and friends.

We have lots of great updates up ahead so please follow us on TwitterFacebookYoutube, and sign up for the newsletter by entering your email address at the bottom of any page on the site.

And of course, don’t forget to buy your TatianaCoin!

Bitcoin and Blockchain Resources

Getting into Bitcoin can be a little tricky.  Here are some items that have made it easier for me to understand this revolutionary technology!  I also will be including some stuff on the way money works under the current system, which is sort of why I got interested in Bitcoin in the first place.

I have been doing casual and fun podcasts and videos for the average person (no tech skills required to follow along) which I have aggregated on my YouTube and SoundCloud.

Want some more info about how Tokens like Tatiana Coin can help you?  Learn more at:

Videos (available below):


February 21st, 2017

Tatiana gives updates on her tour, her new upcoming album–Keep The Faith–along with updates on the TatianaCoin crowdfunding campaign, a reading of a very special write-up from Ross Ulbricht, and so much more. If you want to know what’s going on with Tatiana, this Facebook Live video is your ticket.

February 19th, 2017

The TatianaCoin campaign was featured by Bankless Times! Covering TatianaCoin, artist coins, and the future of crowdfunding! Read it all right here:

February 18th, 2017

Tatiana was on Peace Love Liberty Radio with Darryl W. Perry to discuss her TatianaCoin campaign and so much more! Darryl is a brilliant host, and you’re going to want to hear this one from start to finish!

February 17th, 2017

Tatiana was on Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock to discuss her TatianaCoin campaign! Ernie’s interviews are always a lot of fun, and he gets just how revolutionary artist coins can be! An awesome interview! Listen to it here:

February 16th, 2017

Tatiana was on the very popular nationally-syndicated radio show Free Talk Live to discuss her TatianaCoin campaign! And she even was grilled with some of the tough questions! You’ve got to hear it! Her interview starts at 19:25.

February 15th, 2017

The TatianaCoin campaign was part of an article on about how Bitcoin is affecting China! But it also spends time covering artist coins and the future of crowdfunding and how it relates! Read it all right here:

February 15th, 2017

The TatianaCoin campaign was featured by BTC-Echo! Covering artist coins and the future of crowdfunding! Read it all right here:

February 14th, 2017

The TatianaCoin campaign was featured by NewsBTC! And Tatiana Moroz herself was interviewed to talk all about artist coins, the future, and even her upcoming album Keep The Faith! Read it all right here:

February 13th, 2017

The TatianaCoin campaign was featured in industry resource SonicScoop! And Tatiana Moroz herself was interviewed to talk all about what the campaign means, and what artist coins mean for the future. Read it all right here:

February 12th, 2017

The TatianaCoin campaign was featured by CryptoCoins News! And Tatiana Moroz herself was interviewed to talk all about artist coins, the future, and even her upcoming album Keep The Faith! Read it all right here:

February 11th, 2017

Tatiana Moroz was on the very fun, uncensored, and popular tech podcast–Sovryn Tech–to talk about TatianaCoin and artist coins…along with so much more! This is fun conversation that also gets into the present culture that makes artist coins such a need. Listen in!

February 10th, 2017

The TatianaCoin campaign was featured by Finance Feeds! Covering TatianaCoin, artist coins, and the future of crowdfunding! Read it all right here:

February 10th, 2017

The TatianaCoin Campaign official press release is available at this link:

Find out everything you wanted to know about the campaign, as well as find out how you can have Tatiana Moroz be a part of your podcast, story, show, or event!

February 9th, 2017

The TatianaCoin campaign has begun! Be sure to check out all of the prizes below that you can purchase with Bitcoin, TatianaCoin, credit card, and even some of your other favorite cryptocurrencies! And don’t forget to buy some TatianaCoin while you’re at it! And stay tuned to this space for all the latest updates on the campaign!

February 9th, 2017

“The Bitcoin Jingle”–the first single to be released from Tatiana’s upcoming “Keep The Faith” album–is now available to stream on Souncloud, and to buy right here! Give it a listen!

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